Building Strong Relationships

“Focus on building human relationships. The stronger your relationships are, the more likely your customers will be to tell their friends about you. And, the more likely they'll be to come back.”

You cannot succeed in the market if you don’t know your customers. Before moving ahead with any plan, it’s helpful to develop a buyer persona. Buyer personas are simply a profile of your company’s ideal customer. While it’s important not to create too many buyer personas, having one or two buyer personas in mind can improve the way your business targets its market and attracts leads.

Innovative Marketing

Welcome 4Es – the new approach to customer value proposition, which embodies Engagement, Experience, Exclusivity and Emotion.

Let’s face the truth. People don’t buy products anymore. They buy experiences and emotions instead. You should change your “what should I sell” or “how should I sell” into “WHY should I sell it?”. Emotional branding is what makes a business stand out.

As with marketing to customers, personalisation and communication are what reel in the talent that you've worked so hard to find. In your product marketing efforts, your business projects an image that appeals to its audience. In recruitment marketing, that means making the front and back ends of your talent acquisition process as welcoming, enticing, and personalised as your company's image promises.