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Being part of Engine Room On Demand provides you with exclusive access to the library of knowledge and tools.

On Demand provides you with relevant and inspiring business resources.

Engine Room does the research and development - so you get to enjoy the learning and application.

With Engine Room On Demand, you can tap into resources that you need, when you need them - it's all at your fingertips.

This site has been designed to support change agents and team members to grow and develop their thinking to create a more positive and productive workplace.

General Resources

Articles & Case Studies

Reading is powerful. It exercises and stimulates your mind and can shift your thinking to be more effective and satisfied.


e-book provide you with information - that is short and sharp. It gets straight to the key points that help you to understand a topic.


Engine Room Business innovation podcasts - opens up conversations about complex issues that businesses face on a regular basis.


Tools developed, over 25+ years of business coaching and mentoring, that you can use to make improvements.

Presentations & Videos

Slides used at workshops or events, or videos of presentations made at workshops or events.


Interviews/discussions with inspirational business leaders on topics such as: innovation, future of work, technology, and change management.

12 Workshop Topics

Energy + Mindset

Communication + Working Together

Exceptional Customer Experience

Leadership + Driving Change

Attracting and Maintaining Clients

Systems Development and Process Improvement

Meetings and Financial Dashboards

People Management

Adapting to the Future

Vision + Action

Financial Management

Time + Project Management

Free Online Course

This course retails for $99, but is free to Power Members.

Understanding Systems Development

& Process Improvement

This course covers the key concepts and principles associated with developing systems within a business, and then developing a culture of continuous improvement, in which key processes are consistently reviewed and improved.

It is a course rich in concepts and principles that will shift and align mindsets.

This course includes the following:

  • 20 videos (114 mins in total)
  • 15 quizzes (to test comprehension of key concepts)
  • 19 carefully selected articles (83 pages in total)
  • 40 inspirational quotes (10 available for downloading)
  • 3 tools (available for downloading and use within your business)
  • 18 reflection questions (how can you apply the concepts within your business)

On Demand for Teams

Transform Your Team

Engine Room Business Innovation has educated and supported thousands of business professionals to grow and transform their business.

Give your team access to relevant, practical resources that they need to take your business to the next level.

If you wish to discuss On Demand for your team, contact:

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